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What is The Toy Intelligencer Report?

Effective 11/1/2022
The Toy Intelligencer will now be merged together with Global Toy News - Stay tuned for updates and information on this change. We will be notifying subscribers of the change with an email this week.

We designed the Toy Intelligencer Report for those who want to know what happened, what is happening, and what will happen in the business of toys. Rather than make The Toy Intelligencer Report a weekly, monthly, or quarterly, we decided to make it a living document that changes every day.

Researched and written by iconic toy industry sleuths Chris Byrne and Richard Gottlieb, the Toy Intelligencer Report provides unique perspectives, data, analysis, and insights on the toy industry, toys, and the world of play. Chris and Richard call upon their decades of toy industry experience, global relationships, and acute intelligence to figure out what is changing and about to change.

A living document, the Toy Intelligencer Report provides up to the minute data, analysis, and a comprehensive understanding of what is happening and about to happen.

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Stay up to date with the toy industry

Meet Your Toy Industry Insiders.


Richard Gottlieb

Global Toy Experts/Global Toy News


Richard Gottlieb is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Global Toy Experts, a toy business consultancy founded in 1994, and a partner at Global Toy Enterprises, a provider of mergers and acquisitions services to toy companies.  Richard is also the founder and publisher of Global Toy News, where he writes and publishes articles on all aspects of the business of play.
Richard has represented various toy companies, including Hasbro, D.C. Comics, Warner Brothers, Rose Art, and Rockstar Games. He has also worked closely with significant national toy industry trade associations in the United States, China, Hong Kong, and Germany.
Richard regularly attends and participates as a guest speaker at international toy industry events and trade shows in the U.S., Germany, Hong Kong, China, and Brazil.
Due to his experience and expertise in the toy industry, he has been interviewed at least 175 times by worldwide media outlets, including A.B.C. News, CNN, M.S.N.B.C.C., the New York Times, and Newsweek, regarding toy industry issues.
Mr. Gottlieb has an MBA in Global Management and is a long-time Toy Hall of Fame selection committee member.



Chris Byrne

The Toy Guy®


As an independent toy analyst, researcher and consultant, Chris brings more than 30 years of industry experience in the toy industry to his role. He is an acknowledged expert on toys and play in the culture and brings his extensive knowledge of toys, education and child development to his work.

Chris began his career working on major toy brands in a variety of marketing and operations positions. He was instrumental in the development and merchandising of many successful products including those marketed under the Gabriel, Child Guidance, Creative Playthings, and Ideal brands, among others. He led the team that established the game Pictionary as one of the most popular games of its era. In 1988, he formed Byrne Communications, with broad-based consulting in the toy, children’s entertainment, financial and consumer products industries. He was one of the founders and creative director for the web site TTPM. Today, Byrne Communications works with companies of all sizes and entrepreneurs, helping them to develop and launch products. He consults regular to the analyst and investment community about the international business of toys.


Toy Insiders
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