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December 19, 2021

Book Containers Now or Lose Out in February

My sources have been cautioning about container shortages in February due to the Chinese New Year. This quote from GPI supports that notion:

There are still container shortages, Covid restrictions, and transportation issues between borders, but despite all that, the ports in China and Hong Kong are moving shipments right along. You may still encounter rolling schedules, blank sailings, and maybe a port closure but things are still getting shipped out. The big topic this month is Vessel Space. It’s in high demand and not just for the month of December. Vessel space is already tight well into January schedules now, so submit your ship plans and book your vessel space as soon as possible lest you be left behind come February.


Latest on the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach

Bloomberg reports Gene Seroka, Executive Director of the Port of Los Angeles, as stating:
  • Average wait time for ships at anchor off the ports is 20.7 days. A slight decrease from 20.9 days earlier in the month.

  • 102 cargo ships are waiting to unload, up from 86 in November.

  • Dwell time for trucks picking up freight at the port is down to six days from 11.

  • 71,000 empty containers are sitting in lots and terminals.

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