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December 9, 2021

Predictions for 2022.

The "Looking Forward" section of the "Qualitative Research" page has been completely updated. It now contains predictions for 2022.


"Batteries are the oil barrels of the 21st century."

Daniel Clarke, Thematic Analyst, Global Data


Congress has passed H.R. #4996 - Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2021.”

According to the Congressional website, the bill:

sets forth requirements for operating a shipping exchange involving ocean transportation in the foreign commerce of the United States;
prohibits ocean common carriers and marine terminal operators from retaliating or discriminating against shippers because such shippers have patronized another carrier, or filed a complaint;
requires the Federal Maritime Commission (F.M.C.) to publish and annually update all its findings of false certifications by ocean common carriers or marine terminal operators and all penalties assessed against such carriers or operators;
requires ocean common carriers to adhere to minimum service standards that meet the public interest;
directs the F.M.C. to establish rules prohibiting ocean common carriers and marine terminal operators from adopting and applying unjust and unreasonable demurrage and detention fees;
requires ocean common carriers to report to the F.M.C. each calendar quarter on total import and export tonnage and the total loaded and empty 20-foot equivalent units per vessel that makes port in the United States;
authorizes the F.M.C. to initiate investigations of an ocean common carrier's fees or charges and apply enforcement measures, as appropriate; and
revises annual reporting requirements for the F.M.C. on foreign laws and practices to include practices by ocean common carriers.


"Amazon is making its own shipping containers — and waiting as little as 2 days outside ports."

Insider, December 6, 2021


Lego Building $1 Billion Factory in Viet Nam

Lego A/S plans to invest more than $1 billion in a new factory in Asia, seeking to serve growing demand for its toy bricks in the region and double down on a supply-chain strategy that held it in good stead through the pandemic.
The world’s biggest toy maker by revenue said Wednesday that the new factory in Vietnam would make products for big markets in the region such as India, Indonesia and the Philippines.

"Lego to Build New Factory in Asia to Meet Rising Demand," Wall Street Journal, December 8, 2021

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