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January 25, 2022

The Toy Intelligencer Composite Toy Stock Index Drops 5%, Nasdaq Down 12.7%

The Toy Intelligencer Composite Toy Stock Index tracks toy and toy-related stocks over a thirty-day period. Member companies include Hasbro, Mattel, JAKKS, Funko, Spin Master, Build a Bear, Walt Disney Company, Maersk, Intertek, and Walmart.

See The Composite Toy Stock Index in The Toy Intelligencer report for more information.

Heavy Port Traffic in Shanghai as Ships Avoid Ningbo


Walmart Getting into the Toy NFT Business

The big-box retailer filed several new trademarks late last month that indicate its intent to make and sell virtual goods, including electronics, home decorations, toys, sporting goods and personal care products. In a separate filing, Walmart said it would offer users a virtual currency, as well as NFTs.

Report: Walmart makes Web 3.0 moves toward NFTs, cryptocurrency,” Dan Berthiaume, DSN


Container Rates Expected to Remain High Through 2022

Shipping squeeze | Ocean shipping rates are expected to stay elevated well into 2022, stoking concern that high freight costs are becoming longer-term features of the global economy. The spot rate for a 40-foot container to the U.S. from Asia topped $20,000 last year, a tenfold increase from a few years ago, with tight container capacity and port congestion adding pressure to supply bottlenecks.

"Shipping Companies Had a $150 Billion Year. Economists Warn They’re Also Stoking Inflation," Lauren Etter and Brendan Murray, Bloomberg


Chinese New Year Schedule from GPI

1/17 – 1/31: Spring Festival Migration: pre-CNY departure from factories 1/17: Most factories close. No additional work being done on projects (only offices remain open) 1/28: Manufacturing offices close. The last of the shipments and paperwork are sent to port. 1/31 – 2/6 Country Shuts Down: no emails, phone calls or work. Ports and transportation are closed 2/1 – 2/6: Chinese New Year celebrations all week 2/6 – 2/28: Spring Festival Migration: post CNY return to factories

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