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January 3, 2022

The TTI Composite Stock Index was up 7% between December 3 and December 31. This is 1.8% better than the Dow Jones Average and 2.6% better than the NASDAQ Composite Index.


We think U.S. retail demand for toys continued to be quite robust through the month of December, resulting in strong sell-throughs and the lowest level of channel inventory we've ever seen exiting the Christmas holiday. It seems the threat of Omicron did little to keep shoppers out of stores. There was little discounting leading up to Christmas, and still very little afterward, and no meaningful clearance activity.

However, we think that supply-chain issues and a lack of inventory significantly limited upside, and therefore investors could be disappointed if they are expecting 4Q outperformance.

Gerrick Johnson, BMO Capital Markets, Toy Scout Report, January 3, 2021


Container prices from ShanghShanghaii to Los Angeles, New York, and Rotterdam were largely unchanged between December 3 and December 23.

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