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December 15, 2021

Container Rates Are Back Up

Container spot market prices are up since last week. Shanghai to Los Angeles and Shanghai to New York are both up 4%.


Toy Manufacturing in Mexico is Up

Mexico is seeing a surge in factory building along the Mexican - U.S. border. Supply chain headaches from Asia are causing American companies to look south.

Toy company, M.G.A. is among them:

MGA Entertainment, a California-based toymaker, began cranking out Little Tikes Cozy Coupes from its plant last month even before construction crews had cleared out debris piles or paved the parking lot...Larian plans to break ground on a second factory in Mexico next year and will begin shifting some of MGA’s Chinese production to these plants.

"Supply-Chain Hell Ignites Economic Boom Along U.S.-Mexico Border." Bloomberg News

Here is a graph depicting the number of factory workers in these border cities. Source: "Supply-Chain Hell Ignites Economic Boom Along U.S.-Mexico Border." Bloomberg News


Majority of Consumers Finding What They Want

The majority of consumers are finding what they are looking for this shopping shopping shopping season. That's despite the fear of rampant out of stocks.

The majority (71%) of holiday shoppers say they have been able to find the items they are looking for most or all of the time. And optimism is high, with two-thirds (67%) indicating they are confident or very confident they will be able to find the gifts and other items needed for the holiday season this year.

Chainstore Age

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